Wedding Video

What about wedding video?

How do you go about finding a videographer and who do you trust?

I recently met this fabulous couple who is starting out a wedding video company.  It’s an interesting story as I actually found them at a body shop waiting for my car.

It’s a funny thing because sometimes I don’t talk to people, but this day, I wanted to hear about a limo ride they were talking about that had gone wrong.

Apparently they hired a limousine company for a luncheon with a bunch of old ladies and the limo broke down!  Can you believe that?

I had asked them what they did and they said it actually turned out awesome because they spent 2 hours (omg!) in the limo just chit chatting and having a fantastic time irregardless of their situation.

To top it off!  The limo guy didn’t refund their deposit.  ..which KILLS me.

How can you do that to such nice people?

At any rate, I will address finding a good wedding limousine here momentarily but until then let’s get back to talking about videographers.

It’s tough to find someone. You never know if they are just shootin the shit and giving you garbage and showing you someone else’s work or if they are really good.

Then..on top of that you have make sure your personalities mesh because if you get a video made by someone who doesn’t think like you, they might miss the details that you really wanted to remember.

Make sure you do your homework when hiring a video person for your wedding. I highly suggest meeting them in person.

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