Theme & Destination Weddings

Tell me these aren't beautiful?
Tell me these aren’t beautiful?

Today, couples are moving away from the more traditional and formal wedding and opting for theme style weddings.

The invitation you purchase should be a reflection on the type of ceremony and reception that the couple is planning but it should also be very personal.

You should probably also think about gifts for the guests and how the flowers are going to look when they are placed on the table while everyone is rockin’ and dancin’ the night away!

Remember, while you’re talking to all of your fabulous guests, the photographer is prancing around snapping photos of anything and everything and 20 years from now you don’t want to look at that one shot of red roses on a purple tablecloth because you didn’t think it out.  Eck. If you suck at color matching, hire someone, beg someone or barter with someone.

Whatever you do DO NOT just wing it. Most people who are color matching disabled know it and have known it.  Don’t be a control freak on this one. Trust someone with a better eye and your photographer and guests will thank you!

Here are some things you want to consider:

• Is the wedding going to be formal, casual or traditional?

• Destination Wedding?  Super cool but sometimes lonely.

• The color matters – What is the color scheme for the wedding? Remember….if you suck at this, outsource it!

• The time of year – what season are you having the wedding? Do you have to match colors?  It’s up to you! PLEASE don’t choose some ridiculous pair of valentine’s (don’t get me wrong…they are beautiful (see photo) but they don’t belong in a snowstorm.   Well…they would still look good but…come one…yah know what I’m sayin’.

• Do you want a personalized verse or biblical verse in ceremony and accompanying other little things that all go into a wedding?  Me?  I researched a bunch of different ceremony sets ups and picked my favorite.  Don’t think you’re crazy if you can’t make up your own thang…..just find stuff that you love and mix and match till you’re so happy you squeal!

• Budget. The invitation materials vary too. You may want a translucent vellum paper, bright white, soft white, parchment paper, floral, unique shimmer or a textured paper.  Maybe you don’t want to send invitations at all!  Think outside the box…what about wedding pins that people can pin on their shirts?  Goofy I know and if you do that….uhmm…well I won’t say anything about it. If you have no money….utilize time.  You can easily make some cool invitations using a printer and some found materials.  Maybe I’ll do a DIYer wedding invitations in the future sometime.  That’d be pretty cool huh? Until then, here’s an idea: Paper Birch.  Free. Unique.  Implement somehow, this stuff is so pretty naturally it makes black construction paper look freakin’ lovely.

• You may want the color of the invitation to coordinate with the theme color of the wedding. There are many colors to choose from and the season of the wedding should influence the selection of colors.  OR…you could do whatever you want. It’s your day, YOUR WAY.

• There are many types of styles to choose from for your event. You might want something unique and whimsical. Traditional, formal or contemporary may be your choice or perhaps you would prefer a photo wedding invitation or a Disney themed invitation. One of my girlfriends loves Disney.  I would never do that because I’m a long haired, tree huggin’, hippee lovin but super nerdy smarzy partzy kind of gal.

Whatever you choose for your big day, JUST BE YOURSELF.

You can’t lose because you’re already awesome and you know what you want!  If you don’t, use this time in your life to find out!  Be unique. Don’t be a freak! (unless getting freaky is your thing!  In that case….knock yourself out!)

If you are freaking out and you want some help with ideas or planning, shoot me some info. and I’ll see what I can come up with.  🙂

More Love = More Happiness

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