Spring Weddings. Things to consider.

No matter what you have decided, a wedding is exciting no matter what.

Deciding on a wedding theme and the wedding dress and where to have your wedding in the Pittsburgh are or anywhere really are only the tip of the iceberg when considering how to plan and create the wedding of your dreams.

Some of the biggest thought provoking attention that you put into you wedding often times goes to the more costly wedding services and items.

For example, the wedding venue….usually a huge cost. The photographer? Pretty big cost too!

The worst part about planning a wedding is giving away the money but you are wise to do a little research on the wedding vendors you use so that you are not left confused and crying on your wedding day.

Limousines are one item to consider if you really want to have a red carpet and celebrity style wedding.   The only thing with this particular type of transportation is that is it not for everyone!

Fortunately there are several different types of limos out there so you won’t have to be stuck with a tiny car and your huge wedding dress (if that is your style).

You can worry about your day and rely on a chauffeur to get you to your destinations.

What we do know for sure is that you do not want to be driving in your dress, blinded by all the tulle’ and then suddenly wrecking your car.  Not good. Not good at all!

Then you will end up meeting a tow truck driver and possible visiting an auto body shop on your wedding day instead of spending time dancing, eating, rejoicing and enjoying your guests and your big party!

Make sure you do your due diligence when booking and hiring a wedding service.   Things like Yelp reviews, google reviews and words of mouth are worth paying attention to.

You also need to consider what your emotions are towards the business or the business owner.  Chances are, if you’re not “feelin’ it”  that feeling will eat you away and you may never be satisfied with the service provider.

In this sort of instance, do yourself a favor, keep looking until you glow of happiness knowing you have chosen the right vendor or service for your super special day!

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