Choosing a Theme and a Dress?

Choosing your dress is probably one of the first things you are going to do if you are the bride (or a dude who decides to wear a dress…no judgment here!)

Dresses come in all shapes and sizes and it can be quite overwhelming.

Some people know exactly what they want and have had the ideal dress in their mind since the day they even learned about weddings and dresses.

If you are like me, however, you know that choosing a dress is not that easy.

I’m more of a tomboy.  I love dressing up because it always shocks people and apparently I’m not that bad looking.  No ego here…just observant all my life.

So when it was time for me to choose a dress, I took my mother.  My mother is very girly.  Plain…but very much a jewelry lady for sure.  I’m more of a tie a vine around my neck and give me a cool head band or crown of leaves.

Seriously…I’m not smoking anything, I just love nature.

Naturally, my mother choose almost every dress I had on.  At the time, my figure was freakin’ awesome (think before kids).  I have hips that kill and a nice mug.  My hair tousles and waves and has always been one of my strong points.  It’s definitely an attention getter.

I hate doing my hair so I just let it do it’s thing and it always seems nice.  Long and wavy and just enough curl.  You can imagine how difficult it was for me to stay in a bridal shop trying on dresses.

All that being said…I also didn’t want the wrong dress.  I am still a bride!

My mother ended up loving the last dress I tried on (probably because she wanted to go too) that had “nature” stuff on it.

Now if you are a nature girl, you are probably like me.  You like flowers…ON THE STEM outside….not all over a dress splattered and coloring it up.

I’m a very plain clothes lover. (unless I’m headed out to a bar with the known and full intention of showing off my glutes….easy to do in my body with just sweats…believe me…I was so happy when J-Lo came around because my butt was no longer alone in it’s world’s journey of dominating the Earth with a bubbly bootie)

So my mother saw these flowers and the off white A-Line dress (good to hide booties). And BAM!  that was it.  WE bought it and rushed out.

She felt great.  I was still thinking about it.

Word of advice:  You don’t have to get your dress the first day that you try on dresses.

After returning home and knowing I had ordered the dress my mother loved, something still didn’t sit right.

So what did I do?  What would you do if you let your mother pick your dress?

I did what any strong minded hippie bride would do.

I marched right back into another bridal store (or two) and I went alone and I battled it out with myself.

NOw…going to a bridal store and trying on bridal dresses alone is really not that bad….and besides you are not alone.  There are plenty of other mothers there waiting to comment for you.

I remember the one dress (incredibly body hugging and all lace) seemed to really catch the eye of the whole store.  It was gorgeous and apparently absolutely red carpet for my body….(I did love it so) BUT…( I know this is strange)  It was too glam for my wedding.   Remember…I said simple.

It took a little time and I will never forget the body hugging dress and how good my body felt in it but I knew I would be self conscious about something in it…maybe showing off my bangin’ body?   I’m shy about it…what can I say?

Besides…I much prefer the element of surprise when I take my clothes off when my man sees the unexpected strength and smoothness of my body that lay hidden beneath my clothes.

So…I went with a beautiful and graceful white dress that had embroidered  white flowers that you would only notice if you looked closely and admired the dress itself.

The dress had layers of tulle that lay like a fountain along the A Line and it was perfect.  I still love it.  It was perfect for the transition of “girl” to “woman” in a way.

So…choosing a dress?  It doesn’t have to be good for anyone but the bride.

You brides out there know how you feel when it’s right …just like you know how it’s right to marry the guy (or gal) that you said yes to.

If you have any doubt, perhaps you should take some time to get to know yourself a little better.

I will always remember how I found my wedding dress because it took a lot of lady balls to march into a bridal shop alone and pick a dress just for me. It reminds me of the time when I marched into a bar and sat up at the bar with all the men, drank beer and watch a football game.  WhY you ask?  Because I wanted to prove that I could.


Now get out there and choose that dress.  We’ll talk about “themes” next time!

Happy dress hunting!

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