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When I started this blog, I actually thought I would be sharing more photos and more wedding advice than anything.

For example, I absolutely love the wedding photos from Cranberry Photography and meant to share more from that photographers facebook because I realized she didn’t have much on her blog but was still active.

Here’s a sample of her photos…I love this one…

wedding photography

I have come to realize that blogging takes a lot of work!  A LOT Of work!   My goal with this site is to offer the cool things that you want to find for your wedding no matter where it is.

Photography is probably the first big hump I had when I had my wedding. Second was the venue.

It’s so important to pick these out early on because a place and photographer needs to be reserved early.  Some places need a year in advance notice because they book so fast.

Personally, I got married on a ski resort in the summer.  I was lucky because I wasn’t restricted by the typical regulations that a church wedding has and it was the first time the venue was doing weddings.

We were able to have a very cheap wedding at an awesome venue that has since tripled.

My goal will be to help you find these “gems” to have your wedding at to help save you some money.

But before I do all that, I want you to realize that when you do put a little more money into the wedding, you end up NEVER regretting it.

I have attended and have helped with several weddings since mine and in that time, I have seen what the “save $20” has brought in comparison to the full price on some items.

Of course, there are some deals that you just can’t pass up, but be weary of where you save money.

Personally, I would never look for a bargain photographer.  The reason the expensive wedding photographer is high is because they are in high demand and that means they are generally very experience, professional and have proven themselves again and again to the wedding world.

Because I have so much wedding planning experience myself, I would never consider hiring a planner, however it does take a LOT of time off of your hands (and stress) if you don’t mind handing over some power to a good wedding planner.







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