Beautiful Flowers for your wedding day

Beautiful flowers may or may not be on your list for your wedding day.

Some brides may go nontraditional and choose other items besides flowers to decorate with such as willow branches, mosses and reusable plants.

Although those ideas are really great, the majority of brides will still want to have some sort of “pop” of color to accompany their wedding vows.

If you’re like most brides, the flowers are most important at the reception, in the bouquets and on the groomsmen and groom.

Ceremony flowers are exceptionally important at the alter or where the vows will be said but are not necessarily the most important among the pews or in other areas of the church because the ceremony is generally not a place where you spend your most time during the day.

We recommend getting flowers to surround the area where you are saying your vows to enhance your photos and then using bows or tulle or even silk flowers for the aisle areas.

Think about how you want your photos to appear and you can even ask the advice of your wedding photographer when deciding how to decorate the wedding ceremony areas.

The photographer has likely seen a lot of weddings and knows which ways will best suite your needs as a bride and what will look best in regards to your wedding ceremony photos.

Wedding flowers at the wedding reception venue itself are important if you decide to use flowers.

If you choose to use silk or artificial flowers for your wedding reception, rest assured that you can not tell on wedding photos that they are fake.

I’ve seen a lot of weddings some which had real flowers and some that used the silk ones and the flowers looked exceptional in all of the photographs not matter which wedding it was at.

On a personal note, I prefer the real flowers to the artificial wedding flowers because of the scent and the effect that they give in real life.

Fake flowers can be detected while you at the wedding reception and you have to decide if that is bothersome to you or not.

One of the most resourceful ideas that I found when using live flowers and working within a budget is to utilize the bridesmaid bouquets as center pieces on the guest tables or as center pieces on the bridal party table.

You provide vases that you place the bouquets in and then you take them home at the end of the night.

Alternatives to flowers on the tables can include colorful stones or crystals in water, stacked apples or oranges, stacked ornamental spheres and more.

The sky if really the limit when it comes to a wedding reception table decoration and it is really up to the individual bride and her groom to decide which center piece best represents their idea of the best wedding that fits their unique personalities.

We encourage our brides to utilize the ideas that they love best and when looking at their wedding photos years from now, they will love and remember the unique ideas they chose to share with their wedding guests.

Here are some great wedding ideas that you might want to consider for unique wedding reception table ideas:

Battery Operated Candles By Festival Delights® – 6 Unscented Small Flameless Candles, Dia. 1.5″x1.75″ Height,…

These great battery operated candles take away the need for fire and save time by not having to worry about lighting all of the candles or worrying if wind will be an issue.

We absolutely recommend these fantastic items to spruce up your wedding reception tables.

The next item we absolutely love are these fantastic gems for the wedding reception tables that just sparkle and shimmer! With or without roses, these gems will surely be remembered from your wedding receptions and will add the right glitz and glam for your top of the line wedding reception!

Not a glitzy gal and you’re more of a hippie bride?
Check out these awesome wooden hearts for your natural bride’s wedding reception tables!

We absolutely love these chic and hippie style wedding reception table decorations and are thinking of having a mock wedding just so we can take some photos of how awesome these will make a nature bride’s wedding Pop!

Just try to tell us these aren’t awesome! We love them!

There are so many more wedding reception ideas out there and we will definitely be addressing these great ideas in another post!

Until then, have a fantastic time shopping for your wedding reception table ideas and don’t forget table numbers!

Here are the ones we absolutely love:

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