How to choose a Party Bus in St. Louis -Meghan’s Story

The other day the staff sat down for a discussion about how choosing limousines or party buses for weddings and other events.

After a while we decided that we would run a poll on Facebook and find the best ones for the Pittsburgh area.

That’s all fine and good, but what happens when you plan a vacation wedding, travel wedding or you have an event outside of town?

Who do you trust and how do you find the right mode of transportation for your event?

With Google being the top search engine, it’s almost an automatic that you go there to search.

We don’t recommend trusting wedding sites and directories because often times, they are paid advertisements and that does not necessarily mean you find the better option there.

Even Google, Bing and Yahoo have paid advertisements, but they are noted and you can clearly see that as the case.

One of our favorite ways to find a valid limousine or party bus rental is by checking out the reviews on unpaid sites. (Not Yext! We have found that you pay them and we have found sometimes where good reviews existed but were hidden!)

We love Google because you can find reviews easily and they allow companies and other people to suggest edits or to alert them when a review is not good.

Facebook is another great place to find reviews, but it is much less used.

So let’s show you an example we just recently used.

Finding A Party Bus in St Louis

Megan, on our staff, was heading down to St Louis for a Bachelorette Party.  As the maid of honor to a bride with over 10 bridesmaids she knew that limousine was probably out of the question.

So what did she do?

She opted on a party bus!

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a great option for larger parties or those that need space!

Wikipedia says a“Party Bus” is:

  • A party bus (also known as a Party Ride, limo bus, limousine bus, party van, or luxury bus) is a large motor vehicle usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry 10 or more people purely for recreational purposes generally involving some kind of …
The original Party Bus was probably something that was made for sports events, big parties or field trips for adults!  They are generally larger than limousines and often times have a more “party” atmosphere.  However, there are some GREAT party buses out there that are the lap of luxury.
Party Buses can come with superior sound systems, special laser lighting, coolers and leather luxury seats. Some even have dance floors and dance poles!
One of the best reasons people rent Party Buses over limousines is because they offer superior room for the dollar you spend. Some hold 25 passengers while others can hold up to 45!
Finding the perfect Party Bus takes just a little bit of work.  We have found that some party buses do trump others!  Where some owners may consider and old shortie school bus a Party Bus (yes…we’ve seen it!), there are actually large bus-like luxury limo buses that are more proper for a wedding or a higher class experience.
So let’s get back to Meghan’s story!
She wanted to find a Party Bus for the Bachelorette Party in St Louis so that the girls could worry about fun and NOT about bending down into the traditional limousine and being a little squashed.
The first thing she did was type in “Party Bus in St Louis” to which the search engine immediately changed it to “party bus st louis”.  That’s totally fine.  Our mission is to find a bus and if the search engine knows how to do it, then by all means…take us there!
Here is what we found on that first page:
 Right away we do not want to go to STL because of the following:
1. Road Pony?
2. No Reviews
So we jumped down to the next two.
The first thing we did was click “more places” first to see if there were any better reviews. Sometimes you find awesome businesses and we have no idea why Google only shows three in the top.  We did find out that these spots are NOT paid for but we have no clue how Google decides who gets to be in the top, so don’t forget to explore!
Every one of the other ones we found with stars had the same rating, so now it just came down to availability and which limo company we liked best. We did read the reviews and just made sure the negative ones were not so outrageous that we would be dumb if we went with them.
Meghan called all three of the top rated and eventually decided to go with the St Louis Party Bus Rental because of the great customer service they gave her. She said this company was more calm and didn’t seem desperate for her business, were very polite and extremely helpful in helping her decide on the best destinations for the party night.  (This is extremely valuable for someone not living in St Louis)
So, when you are searching for out of state options for parties and wedding events, remember it’s ok if you are searching for a party bust in St. Louis when the search engine changes it to  “Party Bus St Louis“.  You get great results either way!
Now, just because we were looking for St. Louis transportation, doesn’t mean you can’t use these same methods for any other city, limousine or party bus in the United States!
In our next article we plan to explain the difference between a Charter Bus (yes, you can use these for destination parties and weddings too!) and the Limo Bus!  Stay tuned!



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